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About Just Add Creative

Igniting community spirit and joy through the transformative power of shared art and creativity.

Our History

Creativity Unleashed in Challenging Times

Our mission at Just Add Creative is to foster joy through art, especially during times when it's needed most. Born in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, our initiative sought to brighten days when schools and museums were closed, offering a beacon of hope and activity to those within our community.

Our Journey Begins

The seed for South Florida's first Free Little Art Gallery was planted as a response to the isolation felt during the pandemic. Our founder, Amy Shaw, envisioned a space where children and adults alike could find solace and expression through art. The gallery was a place of exchange—of art, of smiles, of community.

Building Bridges with Art

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Erin Allen of the Allen Team, six galleries took root in Lake Worth Beach, blossoming into a local treasure. John and I were hands-on in bringing these galleries to life, fostering creativity and connection. My original gallery was transformed into the Craft Kit Takeout, a pioneering concept that distributes thousands of craft kits to passersby, sparking joy and creativity.

Crafting Connections

Our craft kit gallery and the Sharing Studio, located at 123 N F Street, became havens for artistic exploration. Each kit we distribute is a story in itself, a promise of creativity delivered to anyone willing to embark on an artistic journey.

A Community Effort

Resource Depot, alongside personal investments and community contributions, has supplied the lifeblood for our craft kits. This support has enabled us to keep the spirit of giving alive, reaching out to those in need with the simple joy of creating something new.

Our Evolution and Commitment

While our collaborative efforts with the Lake Worth Beach Little Free Art Galleries were invaluable, Just Add Creative has now embarked on a distinct path. We are expanding our vision to include not just art but also the craft kits that have become a cornerstone of our mission. Our goal is to weave creativity into the fabric of daily life, reaching the shut-ins, the elderly, and those in nursing homes—connecting through craft.

Join Our Journey

We extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join us on this transformative path. With your support, we can continue to offer craft kits, spread art, and connect hearts in a time when unity and creativity are needed more than ever. Let's build a future where every person has the opportunity to create, share, and belong—one craft kit at a time.

Meet The Team

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