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Image by Geordanna Cordero

Artist Interview Sign Up

Calling all artists! Share your journey and insights on how art can uplift communities by participating in our interviews. Your story can inspire and demonstrate the transformative power of creativity.

Sign Up Requirements

  • Age Requirement: Artists must be 18 years or older.

  • Location: Must reside in Lake Worth Beach.

  • Professional Experience: Artists should have exhibited their work in at least one public art show or gallery.

  • Portfolio: Artists must have a portfolio of their work available for review.

  • Artistic Recognition: Preference for artists who have received awards, grants, or other forms of recognition.

  • Community Involvement: Artists who have contributed to their community through workshops, public art projects, or educational initiatives.

  • Commitment: Artists should demonstrate a commitment to their craft, evidenced by consistent practice and creation of new works.

Artist with Paintbrushes

Artist Interview Sign Up

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