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Our Story

Image by Julietta Watson
Image by Amanda Jones

It Started With an Art Gallery

Born during the COVID-19 pandemic, our initiative sought to brighten days when schools and museums were closed, offering a beacon of hope and activity to those within our community. The seed for South Florida's first Free Little Art Gallery was planted as a response to the isolation felt during the pandemic. Our founder, Amy Shaw, envisioned a space where children and adults alike could find solace and expression through art.

Growth into an Organization

Becoming a Non-Profit

The original gallery evolved into the Craft Kit Takeout, distributing thousands of craft kits to passersby, sparking joy and creativity. Our craft kit gallery and the Sharing Studio became havens for artistic exploration, delivering creativity to anyone willing to embark on an artistic journey. Resource Depot and community contributions have been vital in supporting our projects. Just Add Creative has now expanded its vision to include craft kits as a cornerstone of our mission, aiming to reach shut-ins, the elderly, and those in nursing homes.

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