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Donated Art Supplies

Craft Kit

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Just Add Creative: Craft Kits Supplies List


Items We Need Regularly:

  1. Markers (washable)

  2. Colored Pencils

  3. Pencil sharpeners, small

  4. Construction Paper

  5. Glue Sticks (nontoxic)

  6. Safety Scissors

  7. Pipe Cleaners

  8. Googly Eyes

  9. Pom-Poms

  10. Craft Sticks

  11. Foam Sheets

  12. Stickers

  13. Acrylic Paint (nontoxic)

  14. Watercolor sets

  15. Coloring books

  16. Paint Brushes

How to Donate:

  • Amazon Wishlist: Visit our Amazon Wishlist to see the items we need most and have them delivered directly to us.

  • Events: Check our events

  • Wishlist can be found at:

Feel free to print this list and share it with anyone interested in donating supplies for our craft kits. Thank you for your support in bringing the joy of creativity to our community!

Items We Do Not Accept: 

  • ​Sharp scissors

  • Knitting needles

  • Pins

  • Glues that are not nontoxic

  • Items with small parts that could be a choking hazard

  • Food and other non-art supplies

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